A Volunteer Driver Must:

  • Meet the qualifications and responsibilities stated in the Volunteer Agreement with Senior Express, Inc.
  •  Read and complete the Senior Express, Inc. Volunteer Release Authorization and Confidentiality Policy Agreement.



We prefer a minimum commitment of three hours or three drives monthly.

Ride assignment procedures:

  • Drivers may indicate their specific preferences concerning days and times to drive. They can accept any ride from the e‐mail schedule, also.
  • When a driver is contacted it is preferable that the decision to drive is made a.s.a.p.; then the office contacted so the ride assignment can be completed.
  • Confirmation of the ride will be made in a timely fashion to the office by phone, email or text.
  • The ride is not assigned unless the driver receives confirmation by the office.
  • The office will provide details of the drive by phone or e‐mail. Ride Procedures and Behaviors:
  • Drivers must call the passengers as soon as a ride is confirmed to introduce themselves, confirm the ride and confirm the pertinent details. They should also call the night before the ride to insure confirmation.
  • Drivers need to arrive at the scheduled time. For unavoidable delays they should have the contact number of the passenger and the office number. Both should be notified.
  • Our mission is door to door transportation. Entering the home for any reason can cause liability risks.
  • Every person in the vehicle will wear a seatbelt.
  • Drivers will follow the emergency procedures indicated by Senior Express, Inc.
  • If a driver must cancel a ride then the Senior Express office must be contacted a.s.a.p. so we can try to cover the ride.
  • Drivers can make unscheduled stops, (pharmacy, grocery store etc.) only if they want to. If the stop was not indicated when the drive was confirmed then it does not need to be honored. Please contact the office if an unscheduled stop is made.
  • Our drivers must carry cell phones for emergencies.

Procedures for an emergency medical situation:

In‐vehicle Emergency:

    • Pull over to a safe location and be ready to identify the location.
    • Call 911 and follow the operator’s advice only and only administer care suggested by the operator.
    • Comfort the passenger.
    • After emergency personnel arrives, then call the Senior Express office.

Establishment Emergency:

    • As soon as an emergency is apparent; direct someone to call 911. If no one is around then call yourself. Follow the directions of the EMS operator.


    • Mileage can be deducted on your tax form .
    • Drivers do not accept any tips or payments. Our drivers should only accept money for tolls or parking.

Inclement Weather:

    • The driver or passenger has the right to cancel the drive due to unsafe driving conditions. Just make sure someone (passenger or driver) contacts the office about the canceled ride.
    • We follow Harford County Public Schools Inclement Weather Policies. If the schools have a late opening then we do not drive until after 10 AM. If schools are closed we will cancel all morning rides. Afternoon rides will be determined by staff later in the day.


Senior Express, Inc. values our drivers because without them this service would not exist. Drivers can expect to be treated with kindness and respect by our office. By the same token we expect all drivers to value our clients who are depending on them by treating them with utmost kindness and courtesy.