• Smoking or eating during a ride is prohibited.


  • Volunteers will accept no money or tips.


  • Parking fees or tolls are paid on the day of the ride by the passenger.


  • If we cannot fulfill a scheduled ride we will contact the passenger 36 hours in advance so the passenger can secure other transportation. (This is a rare occurrence)


  • Too many late cancellations or “no shows” could result in a suspension from the program.  Passengers should make every effort to contact the office immediately if they decide to cancel the ride.


  • Senior Express expects courtesy and kindness from both the Drivers and the Passengers.   Abusive words or behavior will not be tolerated.


  • Senior Express can deny a ride at our discretion.


  • We are a door to door service.  Volunteer drivers do not enter the homes of the passengers.


  • We do not drive to the ER.  If there is an emergency then call 911.


  • We do not assist anyone needing anesthesia during a medical appointment.


  • We can provide transportation home from a Harford County hospital stay if the patient is mobile.



    • If Harford County schools are closed, Senior Express will cancel all morning rides.  Afternoon rides will be determined by the office.


    • If Harford County schools are late in opening, Senior Express will not fulfill rides until 10:00 AM.


NOTE:  Senior Express is a charity that provides supplemental transportation for senior citizens in Harford County that enlists and depends on Volunteer drivers. We encourage our clients to remember there are other modes of transportation such as Harford Transit and Harford Mobility, taxis and private transportation services, if we cannot fulfill a ride.