Susan Kelly the Executive Director of Senior Express and Jenny Holahan the Volunteer Director are experienced professionals  who have collectively spent years supervising  and working with at risk populations. Due to that experience they understand that it can sometimes take years to see a positive change take place in an individual. They wanted to serve but they wanted the service to be immediate, concrete and personal. Together it was decided that they would start a grass roots non-profit that specifically focused on seniors and would alleviate at least one major obstacle senior citizens face daily. Their 501 (c)(3) charity is called Senior Express, Inc. and it offers  extremely  affordable transportation  to any senior in Harford county who can  no longer drive themselves. Volunteers from the county are their drivers; neighbor helping neighbor is their mantra.

Both women liked the idea of helping their neighbors in Harford County; especially those citizens who had once been active in the community but had become isolated because of transportation issues.   They love the idea of seniors managing their own lives and aging in place with limited help.  Susan and Jenny are supporters of the “give locally” mindset and believe that a person’s inability to drive should not make participation in Harford County life so formidable.

Senior Express is always counting on like minded individuals to come forward and help them, not doubting for a second that it will happen. Is this naiveté? Certainly not.  Susan and Jenny have seen firsthand and have heard countless testimonies on how Senior Express has transformed lives and families for the better.  Senior Express attracts good people like a magnet because volunteers, seniors and their loved ones understand that it works well and stays true to its mission.

Jenny and Susan have more innovative ideas for services directed to the rapidly increasing senior population that they want to initiate. But first Senior Express has to have a presence in all areas of the county and attract corporate and individual partnerships. The more citizens get involved, the better Senior Express gets. The more Senior Express expands, the number of seniors getting help increases. It truly is neighbor helping neighbor.

Jenny and Susan and their advisory board understand that the time for Senior Express to make a huge positive and lasting difference in Harford county is RIGHT NOW. Please  join in!

Our Mission is to help Harford County Seniors over the age of 55 maintain their independence and remain engaged in life’s activities by providing volunteer based, affordable and personal transportation.

Our Values:

  • We believe that Active, Mobile and Productive are key words in the Life of a Senior.
  • We understand that Independence is a crucial need for Seniors and the lack of it can cause emotional distress.
  • We work for the burgeoning senior population in Harford County who have obstacles that are unique to their population but can impact the population at large.
  • Losing one’s ability to drive is an unpleasant and devastating rite of passage for some people and their families can be affected adversely.
  • Senior Express believes in serving the needs of others, serving families and serving Harford County citizens.
  • Meaningful, and hands on volunteer service is healthful for the volunteer and for the community.


Our Vision is to advocate that Harford County continues to support and serve the needs of our senior citizens and that Senior Express, Inc. is an integral entity in meeting the need of affordable, daily transportation