The members of the Advisory Board will meet quarterly unless a scheduled fundraiser would require more meetings.

Their purpose is to assess senior transportation needs in the community and develop strategies to meet the need.  Also, the members will be advising Senior Express on advertising, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and business guidance.  Each of these people has specific expertise that will help Senior Express, Inc. to expand in Harford County.  Being pro-active in the community, especially for a charity that will make a positive impact on Harford County senior citizens is important to all of them.  All board members will make an annual financial donation of their choosing, drive a senior client at least once a month, connect volunteer drivers to our mission and assist in fundraising activities.

Cindy Hanley
Ms. Hanley has been the Volunteer Coordinator and the Developmental lead at Anna’s House/ Catholic Charities for eight years.  She has many connections in the non-profit community as well as the business community.    She has organized events that have brought in an excess of $50,000.00 at one time.    Ms. Hanley is creative and imaginative in fundraising and understands through experience, how to recruit and retain volunteers by committing them to the mission.   She has a working knowledge of the non-profit realm in Harford County.

Jane O’Hara
Ms. O’Hara is the Outreach Coordinator for St. Margaret’s Catholic Church in Bel Air.  She has been an avid supporter of Senior Express, Inc. initiating advertising for our charity.   She has already brought in clients and volunteer drivers to our organization by using her outreach skills.  She petitioned the Board at St. Margaret’s to back us when no one else would.   Ms. O’Hara knows how important transportation is to families because in her work capacity she receives calls every day pertaining to affordable transportation.  She believes that Senior Express, Inc. is a solid resource for families with senior relatives.

Fr. Gordon Anderson
Father Anderson is the Rector at St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Joppa, Md.  He has been supportive of the ideas and effort we put forth for Senior Express, Inc.  at its inception.  He works with many senior citizens and understands their needs, fears and family dynamics.    He is a young priest with massive skills in bringing people together and organizing events.   He is a spiritual leader that we want advising us, since we are a senior service we appreciate any guidance he can give us.  As a community leader he is essential to helping us broaden our base.

Patricia Laird
As the owner and operator of Baskets and Blooms in Darlington, Md., Ms. Laird knows how to run a successful business.  She has been a leader in the Harford County business community for years.  As a leader she understands the obligation of giving back and to that end she has done fundraising and event planning for local fire departments, assisted living facilities and organized events for individuals needing charitable contributions.  Although we are a non-profit, we must operate in a business manner and Ms. Laird’s advice on solid organizational principles is appreciated and welcomed.

If anyone is interested in being on our Advisory Board, please call Susan Kelly at 443-243-8044.


Cindy Hanley

The Volunteer/Development Director at Anna’s House in Bel Air, Ms. Hanley brings years of experience from the non-profit realm.

Vice President:
Annette Pascuzzi

A  Parole and Probation Agent for the State of Maryland, Ms. Pascuzzi has first-hand knowledge about the needs of Seniors.

Sherry Rush

A Legal Assistant for Angels of Eldercare, a law firm representing Senior citizens with legal, financial and care issues, Ms. Rush Is an expert in all aspects of Senior Care.

Patricia Laird

Owner and Operator of the business Baskets&Blooms in Darlington, Md.  Ms. Laid is a leader in the Harford Co. Business Community.


Rev, J. Gordon Anderson

Tori Dietrich

Jane O’Hara

Barbara Jones


Beryl Fleming